Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Daily Picture 62

Beautiful day at St Brelades.  Plenty of people on the beach, with small surf rolling in at low water.
St Brelade's Church is probably in the finest location of any of the Islands churches and has been serving the local community for over a thousand years.
With lighter winds and rising temperatures there is the likelihood of some good sea kayaking over the next few days.

Daily Picture - 61

Bot the most inspiring photograph but behind this pile of vegetation lies a story.  This is hottentot fig, which is a highly invasive plant species introduced into gardens in Jersey from South Africa, in about the middle of the 19th Century.  The plant spreads and regenerates very quickly smothering the native vegetation along large sections of the south west coast.  A consequence is that it destroys the habitat of a number of native spevies such as the Green Lizard and the Dartford Warbler.
The only effective means of getting rid of the plant is to pull it out by hand, which is obviously time consuming and then ideally it is burnt.  At the moment I am working with a couple of local primary schools, with the children working towards their John Muir Award, a nationally recognized environmental award.  Over the next few weeks we will be exploring this area in some detail including removing some hottentot fig, this was today's contribution.
Very satisfying and showing that people can make a difference.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Daily Picture - 60

Great view of a squall approaching St Ouen's around lunch time today.  Surprisingly where we were standing there wasn't much rain but the winds did gust up to about 55 knots.  It has been a day of fast changing weather but optimistically as the weekend approaches things are looking like they will calm down and warm up.  Could even be an Ecrehous day on Saturday, fingers crossed.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Belcroute Kayaking again - Daily Picture 59

It was another Sunday morning with strong westerly winds forecast so the options for our weekly paddle were limited.  It was another visit to Belcroute, which is sheltered from the strong winds from the west.  The winds on the day didn't appear to be quite as strong as forecast so we were able to head across St Aubin's Bay towards Elizabeth Castle, using the wind for quite an entertaining ride.
One advantage of living on an island is that whatever the wind direction it is always possible to find somewhere to paddle and as result of this the Jersey Canoe Club has managed to get on the water, on a Sunday morning pretty much every week since the mid-1970's.
Jason preparing to launch at Belcroute, sheltered from the strong westerly wind which was blowing at the time.
 Looking back up the beach at Belcroute.  With winds like those forecast for this morning the kayaking options were limited.  The Jersey Canoe Club were not the only group paddling from there today.  The faster group who paddle Taran's had also chosen this location to leave from.
Pete just before Noirmont.  The relatively calm seas don't indicate the true wind speed as we were sheltered by Noirmont headland.
Crossing St Aubin's Bay.  The further we moved away from Noirmont the greater the impact of the wind.
 Elizabeth Castle lies ahead.  One of the finest military fortifications of Jesrey.
 You don't see too many of these navigation marks around, an Isolated Danger Mark, just to the south of West Park Pool.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Daily Picture - 58

Headed to La Pulente to watch the Wales - France match and on the way home came across a few of these little creatures as I came around the headland at Petit Port.  Normally I only see them in the autumn so it was a treat to see a few on the eve of the start of the meteorological spring.
Looking forward to kayaking tomorrow but the forecast looks more like winter than spring.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Daily Picture - 57

It was fairly rare day with some bright sunshine and relatively light winds although there was a significant westerly swell.  A lovely day for walking along the south west cliffs with views across to Corbiere.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daily Picture - 56

Had a very pleasant evening working on an Open Water Navigation course.  Classroom based today but it won't be long before we are able to put into practice on the water what has been learned today.  Navigation is one of those things which always fascinates me, with a set of tide tables it is possible to look into the future and plan accordingly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Daily Picture - 55

These are probably the newest railway lines in Jersey, having appeared in the last few months.  Running down the hillside near the Desalination Plant at La Rosiere, close to Corbiere.  When it was commissioned in 1970 it was the first desalination plant in Britain, located in an old quarry which provided some high quality pink granite for part of the Thames Embankment in London.  A great section of coast to paddle along, but not today with strong winds and a heavy swell crashing against the cliffs.

Daily Picture - 54

Looking north along St Ouen's just before another shower hits.  Looking at the Aviation Weather section of the Jersey Met site they were forecasting that the larger cumulo-nimbus clouds would reach up to 25,000 feet.  No wonder that the showers were pretty lively during the day!