Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sark and Mr Pye

Mervyn Peake is probably best known for his Gormenghast Trilogy of books but he also wrote Mr Pye, which is set on the Isle of Sark. It was turned in a mini series for TV in 1986 with Derek Jacobi in the lead role. In one memorable section Miss George is lowered into the Creux but the planned picnic was ruined by the arrival of a badly decomposed whale.
There were no sea mammals to distract us and it was too early for our picnic, as we entered the bay, but Derrible Bay is a great place to explore, either by kayak or on foot.
Mr Pye was first published in 1953 and in the subsequent half century plus this quiet corner on the east coast of Sark has remained virtually unchanged and as we explored the bay on a warm July Sunday morning it was possible to imagine the events unfolding, as described in the book.
For the sea kayaker interested in literature Sark has other connections including the Victor Hugo cave on the west side of the island.
Derrible Bay, viewed from above. The Creux is on the left hand side of the photograph.
Chris crossing Derrible Bay, whilst undertaking a circumnavigation of the island.
Entering Creux de Derrible, at low water this entrance is dry.
Looking up the Creux.
The Victor Hugo Cave on the west coast of Sark.
Looking out towards the entrance of the Victor Hugo Cave.

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