Wednesday, April 04, 2012

North West Gozo

Today was a sea kayaking first for me, I was unable to paddle due to my broken but conditions were not too challenging so Nicky agreed to ferry me around in regal splendor. I was able to sit in the front seat of a double as we headed out from the Inland Sea, on the north west coast of Gozo.  A remarkable tunnel, through which small boats, ferry considerable numbers of tourists.
Once we were on the outside of the tunnel a stunning section of coastline was revealed with miles of vertical cliffs producing a sea kayaking playground  of significant quality.  Xavier and Mark from Sea Kayak Malta were the enthusiastic guides of our multi-national group.
The only challenge I face now is convincing Nicky that she will be prepared to ferry me around for another day!
 Kayaks ready for departure on the beach of the Inland Sea.
 The entrance into the 75 metre tunnel which linked the Inland Sea with the more exposed Mediterranean.  Getting in and out was a matter of coinciding your passage with a lull in the small fishing boats.
 The outer coast was particularly dramatic with several miles of vertical cliffs, at no point would it be possible to leave the water.  Fortunately we were sheltered from the increasing south easterly wind.
 This rope was a surprising find.  Fisherman haul their pots up a significant cliff face.  You must be truly committed to harvesting the riches of the sea if you are prepared to fish in this fashion.
 This is the cliff face that the fishing line was coming down.  Hauling a pot up this cliff must require significant muscle power.
 The most common source of sea life that we encountered were these jelly fish.  There were hundreds of them with particularly large concentrations close to the entrances of caves.  Apparently they are able to deliver quite a nasty sting.  
 This arch was just one of a number of significant physical features along this section of coast.  Today conditions were ideal for detailed exploration of the coast.
Inside the caves the colours were particularly striking.
 Looking out from one of the caves it was clear that the wind had dropped producing ideal conditions as we headed back for lunch at the Inland Sea.
 The magnificent cliffs of the north west coast of Gozo.

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