Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Sunday morning squall

What a difference an hour makes.  I was running the Sunday morning sea kayaking session for the Jersey Canoe Club, we headed south out of Ouaisne but within a few hundred metres we were running for the shelter of La Cotte Island as a significant squall was approaching fast. Visibility and temperatures were dropping whilst wind speeds and rainfall intensity was going in the opposite direction.
We sheltered for perhaps 20 minutes whilst being exposed to the full force of the rain, but eventually the conditions started to ease and we were able to continue with our paddle in far more reasonable conditions.  It was interesting to consider what action we could have taken if we had been exposed to such a squall whilst on an open crossing.  We still haven't come up with a definitive answer.
 Looking back towards La Cotte.  The dark clouds are developing to the north.
 Sheltering close to La Cotte Island.  The temperature dropped several degrees and there was a significant increase in wind speed.
 John feeling the full impact of the rain
 Looking south towards Pt Le Fret.  Amazingly just 4 miles east no rain was recorded.
 The rear edge of the squall crossing St Aubin's Bay.
 The storm heads south, seas calm off and two paddlers return to Ouaisne.

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