Monday, March 11, 2013

A March Blizzard

After a weekend of kayak, at times in very pleasant conditions it was a bit of a shock today as the Island was hit by one of the most severe blizzards since 1979.  Not a day for sea kayaking but if dressed appropriately a day for experiencing the great outdoors.  Just a few of todays photographs.

 Corbiere lighthouse is out there somewhere
 Lisa and Nicky on the cliff path at Gorseland
 La Rosiere, we had been paddled here yesterday with Tower Hamlets Canoe Club
 Nicky on the path at La Pulente, St Ouen's is behind
Snow covered rocks at Petit Port.  The low water spring tide had exposed a significant width of seashore.


Natalie said...

It looks like you listened to Radio Jersey this morning.

Kevin Mansell said...

It hasn't stopped snowing yet so it will be interesting to see what conditions are like in the morning.