Saturday, February 07, 2015

Daily Picture - 38

Pretty much spent all day inside as it was a British Canoeing coaching update, some pretty useful stuff covered.  Came home to start to sort some kit out for future trips and got my sleeping bag out.  Not a very inspiring photograph I know but I bought this Mountain Equipment Snowline sleeping bag in the spring of 1976.  That summer I was off climbing in the Lyngen Alps, in Arctic Norway, for two months and needed something to keep me warm.
I think at the time it cost the equivalent of 5 weeks of my student grant money.  Since then I reckon that I have spent nearly six weeks a year in the bag. It has been to Greenland 5 times, Alaska, another month in Arctic Norway and countless trips elsewhere.
I cannot think of any other item of equipment which I regularly use, which comes anywhere near the age of this sleeping bag.  Good kit isn't cheap but after 39 years of regular use I have certainly had value for money.

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