Friday, March 06, 2015

Daily Picture - 64

I was going to post a picture of St Ouen's Bay this evening, looking great in the late evening sunshine until I came across the news that Audrey Sutherland, author of "Paddling Hawaii" and "Paddling My Own Canoe" had sadly passed away on the 23rd February at the age of 93.
She embarked on wilderness journeys starting in 1962, when she swam along the northern shore of   Molokai.  She moved up market a few years later when she started to explore the coasts of Hawaii,  British Columbia and Alaska in a small inflatable kayak.  Paddling thousands of miles on exploratory journeys.  Her most recent book, describing her travels in Alaska is "Paddling North".
She was a truly amazing paddler, pushing the boundaries of exploratory kayaking, defining the limits of what is possible with a minimum of equipment but a major sense of adventure.
As sea kayakers we often dream of where we would like to paddle but Audrey was living proof of what was possible if you had the vision and the enthusiasm.

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