Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coasteering Conference

Today we held a Coasteering Conference in Jersey in response to the development of the National Coasteering Charter, which has emerged in relation to a number of incidents, which have occurred around the coast in the last few years.
People involved in both the commercial and voluntary sector from both Jersey and Guernsey got together to consider ways of moving the activity forward whilst ensuring appropriate levels of safety.  We had a really useful few hours but the highlight was the time spent in and around the water at Beauport.
 Heading down the cliffs to the beach at Beauport.  We are about to head out along the cliffs on the right hand side of the bay.
 There were some quite steep sections but the consequences were not too serious, just a bit of a swim.
 Due to the swell there were some quite entertaining surges in the gullies.
 There are a number of jumps along this section of coast.  Although the sea temperature was only 9.2°C, it didn't feel too cold.
 There are some great places to rest and re-group along this section of the coast.
 There was the opportunity for some higher jumps.
 It is just a great section of coast to explore.
After about 90 minutes it was time to head back up the cliff.

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