Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Minquiers Adventure

Despite the broken arm, from yesterday, I was able to head to the Minquiers today courtesy of Jersey Seafaris and their RIB.  Located just over 12 nm of St Helier the passage south was pretty quick, at times we reached just over 40 knots.
The Minquiers are a simply stunning destination, which I love to visit but all of my previous visits have been by sea kayak, so it tends to be a two day activity whereas today it was all completed in a couple of hours.

 Leaving St Helier Harbour
 Chester and myself were dropped off by the boat on the northern side of the sand bar.
 With the open water to the north and the more sheltered water of the lagoon to the left.
 What a fantastic day for March.
 The first thing was to blow up the boards.  They were just so easy to transport on the RIB
 The sheltered waters were an ideal learning environment and the weather couldn't have been more suitable.
 The main island with the houses on is just in front of the paddlers.  Today we were not going to visit Maitresse Isle, we wanted to take advantage of the conditions in the lagoon.
 It was hard to believe that it is March.
 As we ate lunch we were probably the most southerly people in the British Isles, we were just south of 49 degrees north.
 A great place to spend a couple of hours but all to soon it was time to head back north to the bright lights of St Helier.

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