Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Approximately half way up the west coast of Greenland is Disko Bay, and on the eastern shore of this large natural feature is the town of Ilulissat.  This settlement is effectively the tourism capital of Greenland but it lies at the heart of some finest sea kayaking on the planet.  
I first paddled here in 1993 and it is quite amazing how it has changed over the years, I have since visited on 4 different occasions and we are just starting to put together the plans to visit the area in the summer of of 2015, for a 3 week paddling trip.
These photographs have all been taken since 2008 but when time allows I should look up my old slides from over 20 years ago to refresh my memory.
This the view of Ice Fjord as the aircraft begins its final approach into Ilulissat.  Any self respecting sea kayakers pulse will be racing by this time.
Chris packing in 2008 and attracting the attention of some of the local youngsters.
The first day of a new school year and may of the children appeared in national costume.
The view north.  The route always takes you around the rocky headland and after about 6 miles various options open up. 
It is hard to describe the architecture as exceptional but there is always something exciting about wandering around Ilulissat.  I suppose its because you are about to head out on a great trip or because you have just had a superb few weeks.
Above packing to leave in 2009 and below arriving back 19 days later.

 The harbour is very much a working harbour with many of the boats showing the signs of collisions with ice.
 Knud Rasmussen's birth place and now a museum.  Well worth a visit.
 This is some view from the kitchen window of a house.
 When we first visited in 1993 I don't remember seeing any kayaks.  How times have changed.
 You know that you are in the Arctice when you see signs like these.

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