Friday, October 31, 2014

Some more aerial photographs

Looking out of the aircraft window is one of the real pleasures of traveling.  I can never understand people who sit by the window and then close the blinds.   Passing over some great sea kayaking waters and providing inspiration for future paddling trips.
 The east coast of Baja, Mexico.  Heading home after 10 days of great sea kayaking
 Take off from Ilulissat, on the west coast of Greenland.  This is one of the most spectacular views from an aircraft window anywhere.
 Threading our way through some large cumulonimbus clouds over the northern French Alps.
 The tip of the Cherbourg Peninsula.  This is a common view when sitting on the right hand side of the aircraft on the flight from Jersey to Gatwick.
 If sitting on the left hand side of the aircraft from Jersey to London, instead of France you are likely to see Alderney and the smaller islands.  The small island is Burhou, which operates as a bird reserve.
 Flying over southern Sark, on a day with a significant swell running.  It would have been an entertaining day to paddle through the reefs.
Final descent into Hong Kong.  We didn't manage any sea kayaking but had a great day stand up paddleboarding.

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