Sunday, November 02, 2014

Rainy Rozel

The easiest thing to do this morning would have been to turn the alarm off and roll over, as the rain hammered down on the conservatory roof and the trees swayed in the south westerly force 6.  Fortunately I resisted the temptation and headed east towards Rozel.
This small bay is located on the north east of the Island and is potential departure point for trips to the Ecrehous but today the paddling agenda involved a trip along the coast, to the west.  Conditions were not ideal photography and I ended up deleting more than twice as many as I kept but they give a flavour of sea kayaking off the north east coast of Jersey on a rainy Sunday morning in November.
A rather grey start to the day on the beach at Rozel. 
Approaching Bouley Bay.
L'Etacquerel Fort didn't look particularly appealing on this November Sunday morning.  Built in 1835-6 to defend the eastern side of Bouley Bay, it is available for rent for accommodation.
 Approaching the Jersey Canoe Club cottage at Egypt.  It was areal surprise to see how much the trees had grown.  The small building used to be clearly visible from the sea.  Probably time for some gardening.
 We have been fortunate over the last couple of months to have a number of Tiderace sea kayaks on the Island, for people to try out, thanks to Paul at Seaborne.  Chester from Absolute Adventures is trying out the Xcite-S.
 This is a really poor photograph but I have put it in as it represents one of the highlights of the day.  At the top of the photograph there is a small fin, which is all that I managed to capture of a sunfish which swam through the group.  In 45 years of messing about on the sea this is only the third sunfish that I have seen.
 Entering the harbour at Rozel, the small pier was built in 1829 to provide shelter for those boats engaged in the oyster fishing industry, which could not be accommodated in Gorey.  As if ordered the rain ceased and the sun came out so that it was very pleasant getting changed and a dry walk to the Rozel Bay Hotel for a welcome pint.

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