Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A day on Lihou

Every day on Lihou is special but today was particularly so.  Sea kayaking in the morning, swimming and fishing in the afternoon and walking in the evening.
 Leaving the south side of Lihou in the morning, heading for the cafe at Portelet.  Lihou was part of the first designated RAMSAR sites in Guernsey.
 Happy paddlers with full stomachs heading back to the kayaks.  Lihou is the large island on the horizon.
 Heading north back to Lihou
 Lihou Priory was in existence by 1156, today it lies in ruins.
 The stones always look particularly warm in the late evening sunshine.
 The remains of the dove cot, part of the food source for the Priory
 The view south towards Pleinmont headland.  The Hanois light is just out of the picture to the right.
 Watching the tidal stream pour north through the gap between Lihou and Lihoumel.  3 hours earlier we had be able to scramble across the gap.  At this point we were people furthest west in the Channel Islands.
 Heading back towards the house for evening meal.

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