Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Ecrehous Day

The continuing spell of settled meant that the Ecrehous was an ideal destination for Sunday's sea kayaking adventures.  The relatively large tide, just over 35 feet meant that a prompt departure from St Catherine's so that we avoid the fastest tidal flows.  The crossing of just over 5 nautical miles was completed in a very satisfactory 1 hour 10 minutes.
On spring tides the water often flows across the tombolo, which joins Marmotiere to the smaller islets to the north.  It is always a great place to play and Andy obliged with swimming through the run so I could experiment with the various options for rescuing a swimmer.
Although it was the last weekend of September and the continuous flow of swallows south was an indication that summer was over,  the temperature rose into the low 20's celsius. A very pleasant few hours were spent on the reef before heading back to Jersey, and again the crossing passed relatively quickly.  Isn't it satisfying when the navigation works out?
Although we will no doubt visit this far flung corner of the Baliwick of Jersey over the coming months I think it will be some time before we have such pleasant conditions.

 Andy playing on the small race which develops over the tombolo, when we first arrived.
 In places the water is shallow, fast and clear.  It can be very disorientating if you spend too much time looking down.
 Just after high water on a spring tide.  There is not much of Marmotiere showing, within a couple of hours a totally new landscape will be revealed.
Transporting Andy to shore after he swam through the race for the second time.  This was a far more stable position than having him on the rear deck.
 Once the tide drops it was time to explore the northern part of the reef on foot.  A couple of hours earlier this is the spot we had been surfing.
 One of the small alleyways which thread their way through the small but well kept huts on the main island.
Kate demonstrating the advantage of a plastic kayak when it comes to launching.
 Re-grouping at the southern end of Maitre Ile before starting the crossing back to Jersey.

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