Wednesday, September 03, 2014

St Catherine's

For over 20 years the Jersey Canoe Club has paddled from St Catherine's, on the north east corner of the Island, on Tuesday evenings between April and September.  A large 19th Century breakwater provides some shelter from the strongest tidal streams and the north easterly winds.
Originally designed to be a major harbour of refuge, work started on the 27th June 1847, on the southern arm of the breakwater, which was designed to run out from Archirondel to meet up with another arm running out from Verclut Point, slightly further north.
Work was abandoned on the southern arm but the northern one was completed although it has never really been used for anything apart from walking along and fishing from.  A remnant of when relationships between the British and French were not as good as today.
 The breakwater at St Catherine's.  It was a beautiful evening for the final Tuesday night paddle of the season.
 The Jersey Canoe Club premises.  The Club has operated from this building since 1991.  It is in an ideal location for kayaking.
 Paddling around the end of the breakwater.  The date stone on the end is 1855.
 At this time of the year the evening light is always special.  It was possible to see the French coast behind Alan.
 Although it was only a neap tide there was still some tidal movement off La Coupe, the north east corner of the Island.
Looking west from La Coupe, the headland in the distance is Tour de Rozel, one of the finest white water play spots on the Island.
Sitting off Rozel, one of the small north coast harbours.  It would have been great to go further unfortunately we had a Canoe Club Committee meeting to go to.
 Returning towards La Coupe, St Catherine's is just around the corner.  A lovely final evening paddle of the summer season.

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