Saturday, September 19, 2015

Disko Bay - Day 10

Today's target was very simple, paddle around the spectacular island, Qeqertakavsak, and then find somewhere to camp before we turned south towards Ilulissat.  I had looked longingly at this island over the years, convinced that it would be a memorable paddle and I wasn't disappointed.
 It was in perfect conditions that we crossed from the inlet at Anoritoq towards the island of Qeqertakavsak
 Marcus passing some bergs in almost perfect conditions.
 The island of Qeqertakavsak lies ahead and to the left, its north coast looked particularly dramatic.
 Heading along the north shore.
Lunch was in a small bay on Arve Prinsens Ejland.  The slabs on the opposite side of the bay provided a delightful place for a quick after lunch sleep, whilst the stream allowed us to top up water bottles.
 There wasn't much ice around but most of the time there were several glaciers visible in the distance.
 Nicky paddling down the east coast of Igdluluarssuit-nunatat.  A small island with a big name that we had camped on before.  This evening we selected a small bay close to the southern tip, somewhere we hadn't camped before.
In the evening we walked up to the small summit on the southern tip of the island.  There were good views towards a couple of glaciers, including the one close to Eqi.  Little did we realize that the ice we could see here was going to cause quite a few problems the following morning.

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