Friday, September 25, 2015

Disko Bay - Day 15

Today was just a short day, but we needed to build in quite a large margin of time to allow for our exit through the tidal narrows.  As it turned out we were able to eddy hop and use ferry gliding to exit the inner part of Pakitsoq a couple of hours earlier than planned.
Almost as soon as we left the narrows we were re-united with our constant companions, ice bergs, something that we had missed for the last few days.  We were able to relax as it was just a short paddle to the slabs at Anoritoq, where we had camped 14 days earlier, at the start of our journey north.
Leaving the campsite.  It really was very pleasant apart from the swarms of insects.
Nicky heading out through the narrows.  Through the application of some appropriate ferry gliding we were able to exit the inner part of Pakitsoq a bout 2 hours earlier than anticipated.  As we left the narrows we had stunning views of a white tailed eagle, which had been perched on the shore.
Almost as soon as we left the inner part of Pakitsoq we returned to the world of ice.
Conditions were pretty much perfect.  We had distant views of whales, so we kept up our 100% record of seeing whales every time we have paddled in this area.
 Entering Anoritoq, for another evening of camping on the slabs.
 Always a spectacular backdrop for cooking the evening meal.  If everything went to plan the following evening we should be eating on the H8 restaurant.  Always an indication that the trip is drawing to a close.

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