Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disko Bay - Day 7

Today was to be our only non-paddling day of the whole trip, and although it would have been possible to go on the water our thoughts were inland.  On previous visits we had seen a glacier at the head of the valley and we decided to try and reach the ice.
It was rather like walking across the tops of the Scottish mountains although only just above sea level.  Any views were obscured by the low cloud but we knew that there must be something up there.
Gradually the clouds parted and the glacier was revealed tumbling out the mountains.  Sadly we were unable to reach the ice because of the melt water streams but it was a truly memorable location, where we sat and ate our sandwiches. 
We had come to Greenland to go kayaking but this turned out to be one of the more memorable days of the trip.
Once above the initial slope the valley opened before us but the low cloud obscured any potential view, we just knew that there was a glacier there somewhere.
The going wasn't always easy but at least there were no insects to bother us.
Cresting a small ridge we gained our first view of a glacier.
 As we approached the clouds gradually dispersed revealing a superb mountain landscape.
 Progress was halted as meltwater streams carved their way through the moraine but what a view as we had our lunch.
 Just too wide, too fast and too cold to cross.
 By the time we arrived back at the kayaks the sun was shining from a cloudless sky, in complete contrast to the previous 5 days.
 The glacier was just visible from the campsite.

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