Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Disaster

On yet another day which left the English football fan despondent at least Chris and myself started the day in a more positive fashion. A quick 2 hour paddle out from St Brelade to St Aubin. Jersey sea kayaking at its finest.
As we headed out of the bay a couple of bottle nose dolphins swam past in a rather casual manner.
Chris watching for the dolphins. Bouilly Port is the bay behind
Chris heading north towards St Aubin's. This is one of the few areas of wooded coastline on the island and is unusual that the tide flows south along this section of coast for 9 hours out of every 12.
St Aubin's Harbour. At one time it was the home base for the ships involved in the Newfoundland fishing industry.
St Aubin's Fort. Used as a residential outdoor activities base by the Education, Sport and Culture Department of the States of Jersey. It was updated by the Germans in 1940 with the addition of extra fortifications.
The distinctive black and white tower at Noirmont. Now a navigation mark, completed in 1814 it helped to protect the western approaches to St Helier.